Dominion Virginia Power Grants Award

Greensville County, on behalf of the Southside Virginia Education Center (SVEC), was awarded a grant from Dominion Virginia Power to assist students with tuition for the upcoming Truck Driving School.

SVEC is a not-for-profit corporation organized to assist with educational advancements by performing the functions of, supporting, fulfilling and carrying out the purposes of Greensville County, VA. and the surrounding localities including promotion of business development and employment opportunities;  promoting classes, demonstrations, and seminars that provide ongoing adult continuing education and development and improvement of worker skills, training, and capabilities; and, promoting the social welfare of the community by facilitating equal opportunity for all citizens and combating discrimination. The SVEC promotes and achieves these purposes through activities including the operation of a workforce training and continuing adult education center where individuals can develop, improve and enhance their employable skills and capabilities.

The grant seeks to provide tuition assistance to individuals who seek to obtain training through the SVEC Truck Driving School. The truck driver training curriculum prepares individuals to test for their Commercial Driver's License (CDL). This program teaches proper driving procedures, safe driver responsibility, commercial motor vehicle laws and the basic principles and practices for operating commercial vehicles. The course includes; motor vehicle laws and regulations, vehicle maintenance, safety procedures, daily logs, security and fire protection, defensive driving, freight handling, highway driving, map reading and trip planning.

If you are interested in the school, please contact Southside Virginia Community College at 434-949-1051. 

Classes start in May!

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